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Why you should minimize your browser screen.

Hi everyone, welcome to my very short but *important* post on why you should always minimize your browser screen when viewing swatch artist's articles.

I encourage people to mimize their screens so that you can see the images better. Just take a look at this example, where the top is unminized, and the bottom is minimized to view more of the photo:


If you like the big, up close look- than great! But I prefer to be able to view more of the full photo. Here is another example of my own swatch. The top is full size, the bottom is mimized:


Doesn't seem like a big difference, I know, but trust me, having that extra inch of photo makes these posts much more enjoyable!

So, how can you mimize your screen? Or even maximize it if you are having a hard time seeing?

  1. Hold down the Ctrl button.

  2. At the same time, press down on the - (minimize) or + (maximize).

  3. Click the - or + until you get your preferred size.

  4. That's all!

Thank you for joining my little lesson today! :)


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