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To Be Frank Nail Polish: A Bubblegum Trio!

Updated: May 17, 2022

Hellooooooo friends! Extra o's today to represent our bubbly friend Hubba Bubba. Well, not really, our friend for today's post is actually To Be Frank (TBF).

TBF is a Chicago-based indie nail polish brand that is a small business run by passionate people. I first encountered the brand in Fall of 2021 when they gifted me gorgeous bottles of black, grey, and white polish that I use very frequently. Just take a look at these bottles featured on their site:

They are unique and very high quality. The rubber rop is both practical but also totally bad ass. I don't like storing them in bins so I will usually have them out on display. When I posted a story about how good the black polish was the owner kindly reached out and sent me these three!

The first one I tried was "GUM." This shade is a true bubblegum pink. Like the shade of a Hubba Bubba piece chewed a couple of times.

This one was opaque in two standard or three thin coats.

The yellow, named "Sunny AF," has the sliiightest hint of shimmer, which is actually an important trick in the nail industry.

Adding a bit of shimmer to a polish allows it to thicken so that it's not sheer to the point where you need four coats. SO. MANY. nail polishes I have tried require literally four coats to get a yellow opaque. However adding some shimmer adds to that opaqueness.

As you can see above, the shimmer isn't even noticeable. If you get your yellow nail polish in the mail and notice that it's a bit too thick, just use a bit of nail polish thinner. A few drops works just fine.

And lastly, we have the beautiful "Slushie."

Super vibrant and the perfect summer blue. Make sure to always use two layers of base coat with a bright blue like this, because the pigment will stain your nail beds!

What do you think?


(Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored but I was gifted these three polishes.)

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