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Sunday Thoughts 105

Updated: May 17, 2022

Good morning friends! How are you on this beautiful Sunday morning?

I wish I could say I was doing well, but unfortunately I (unintentionally) pulled an all-nighter and stayed up the entire night working on blog posts while profusely sweating for no reason at all.

So, yea. That was fun.

Buuuut it wasn't all in vain because there are some really lovely random gems I want to share with you today!

As you already know, my posts on here for Sunday Thoughts are entirely random and are whatever is on my mind at the time I write them. For this post, what was really on my mind are some little things that I am looking forward to this week:

  1. My (hopefully!) last follow-up spinal surgeon visit is tomorrow! I get my stitches out and I am SO HAPPY about that. Stitches in your back are literally the absolute worst you have no clue (...well maybe some of you do).

  2. I see my brother again today! He leaves for the army on the 31st of May and it's going to be hard on us.

  3. I found some amazing deals on more Stoney Clover Lane bags at, so I grabbed a couple more! My collection smiles back at me for that.

  4. There's a new blue raspberry toothpaste I tried, and while I wish the flavor was stronger it's made me happy to look forward to brushing my teeth! Not that I didn't before lol, it's just that I am excited to now.

  5. It's going to rain a lot here in Chicago! Great weather for indoor yoga and book reading. :)

What do you look forward to this week?


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