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Sunday Thoughts 103

Updated: May 17, 2022

Happy happy Sunday to you all! It is my sincere wish that you all have an awesome rest of your day, and then week!

This Sunday I am very much looking forward to taking my drain out, which should (hopefully!) happen tomorrow. For those of you who didn't know, I had a drain implanted in my back post-surgery, and it's been there for a week and a half now. While much worse could have happened, I was really looking forward to being able to go post-op without any issues, but, alas, that's now how the world works.

When an incision heals, the fat that was cut through creates a liquid to lubricate itself back together. Most often, the incision heals before the lubricant can leak, so it stays internal. However, in my situation, I leaked pretty quickly before the incision was fully closed. Initially they used staples in my back, but then after the drainage became an issue they switched to stitches. While I am not a doctor part of me wonders why they didn't just use stitches in the first place...

Anyway, during my time healing at my aunt's house, I discovered she has a pool.

Yes, discovered!

She has a beautiful home and I had no idea the little pool was tucked away downstairs. I got to see it yesterday, and Heidi, her new puppy, was so curious she walked along the pool border to inspect the water (safely, of course!) I am hoping at some point this summer I can go enjoy it as well, maybe read a book on one of the super comfy red chairs and watch the many birds outside.

What will you be doing this Sunday?


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