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Sunday Thoughts 101

I thought about calling these posts "Thoughts on a Sunday," which I think is cuter, but also a bit long...

Anyway, welcome to my Sunday thoughts, the first post, labeled 101.

These weekly posts are simply intended to be a quick, lightheartded update on projects I'm doing, places I'm going, and anything else that might come to mind.

This week I kept thinking about Historic St. Charles in St. Charles, Missouri.

In summer of '18, I spent a night and two days there, and it was the most charming of places. I loved especially the history of it, as well as the European vibe.

My favorites where the Paris Flea Market, as well as an old English tea shop featuring a United Kindgom flag outside. The Bike Stop Café was also great, where I ate avocado toast by the water. Joy's Collective was probably my most favorite shop, though, which had hundreds of old, painted picture frames, as well as 10 feet high book shelves of old books, handmade corbels, and adorable hair ties.

There I bought a pink- and- blue- bubblegum- painted frame, as well as an original first edition print of a Fyodor Doestoevsky novel translated by Constance Garnett.

I was in my happy place here. 😊

Today I also thought about finishing up some simple paintings I started not long ago. They all have a choppy, but blended, sky. I plan on complementing the skies with simple boats and 3D textured waters underneath. Simple, but impactful.

I also experimented with some fun nail art. KL Polish "Miss Kensington" is my favorite mint green. Unfortunately KL Polish is no longer available, however Lights Lacquer, the rebrand, is continuously releasing new shades every day, and hopefully they bring this one back. It's so much fun! I did use Lights Lacquer "Cherry Jelly" to create the cherry on top (a must have!) which you can find online here.

For details on the other nail colors, view my Instagram page dedicated to nail polish, @loveitsonails

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