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Summer 2022 Wish List

Alas, we reach the point of Summer where I have realized my budget is quite small, and instead of buying I must dream of buying. We've all been there, right?

Now, let's skip the long intro and just get to the point!

This is my Summer 2022 wish list if I had the option to purchase more. As always, make sure to miminize your browser screen to see these beautiful images more clearly!

Czech Crystal Ring

I mean, how gorgeous is the coloring of this ring? I love the turquoise base with the rainbow reflect. I would 100% buy this for myself if I had the option. Maybe I will! There is only one left though...

According to the listing, it's a Summer Blue DeLite Czech Crystal, with an adjustable silver ring. This would be a beautiful piece to add to my ever- growing ring collection. Should I do my ring collection post? I will have to do that for you soon!

At $55, this one is a little pricey. The seller does have other beautiful options as well.

Friends Bleached Tee

I've been on a real t-shirt kick this summer, slowly adding to my collection week by week. I especially adore custom or small business t-shirts. The quality and designs are so much better than what we find in big-box stores like Walmart or Target. Although, I will say that Target is stepping up their clothing game...

Anyway, I would love to bite the bullet and get this t-shirt, but the $25 plus shipping isn't justifiable for me at the moment. Soon, though!

Macrame Rainbow Earrings

I like rainbows. I love rainbows. Did I ever mention that? Now, imagine rainbows on my ears.

That sounds like heaven to me.

Cloud Raindrop Earrings

Because how absolutely perfect are these? At some point I am convinced I will have these in my ear holes.

Ear holes? Is that the term? Well, I'm making it the term...

I've been really into any type of earring that has the behind-the ear effect. I think it's so pretty!

Pilot G2 Ultimate Collection

My favorite pen of all time- times 36 colors- count me in!

I promise you, these are the best, most creamy pen you will ever own, especially the .10mm ones. This particular set is the medium-width .07, and they are also available in an ultra-fine .05 width. I recently purchased this set on Amazon for Prime Day 2022 because it was on sale, but next year I might shoot for this tub.

L.A. Colors Hypno Holographic Collection

Some day I will get my hands on this collection. Some day...

That day is not today lol, but I can feel it coming soon!




(All photos included in this post are courtesy of the individual sellers. Please be sure to click on the links provided to see more of what they offer. None of the links are affiliate and this post is not sponsored).

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