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Stoney Clover Lane × Target Review & Haul

Updated: May 17, 2022

(Above photo courtesy Stoney Clover Lane × Target Corporations).

Before reading this post I recommend CTRL and - your webpage to make these beautiful photos easier to see!

You know what time it is...

I don't even know where to start. I guess this will be a plan-as-you-go sort of thing because there is SO MUCH to go over!

I'll start with this- don't stress if you couldn't get your hands on items from this collection. I will say that there were some items that were basically impossible to find, but there were also other items that are really easy to find and can be purchased on websites like Mercari for a reasonable amount.

Stoney Clover Lane (SCL) is a pretty expensive brand for what they offer, it's essentially the Luis Vuitton of cosmetic, travel, and duffel bags, and the price matches. For example, a standard duffel bag can be purchased at Target for $40.00, whereas one from Stoney Clover (without personalized patches) will cost you at least $240.

Yes, $200+ for a standard duffel bag. No fancy bells and whistles. It's just that SCL commands a high price.

So, when Target announced a collaboration with SCL that would launch April 2nd 2022, everyone lost, well, their shit.

Everyone lost their shit.

Because now, a SCL duffel bag could be purchased for the reasonable price of $40.00 at a local Target that everyone was able to access.

Problem was a number of things, and because I spent a lot of money on this collection I feel I've earned the right to call out several issues.

  1. There was little to no promotion ahead of time. If you clicked "women's clothing" on the Target website, it would show you a promo page, and that's about it. On Instagram SCL did maybe one or two posts about the collection. Worst of all was the Olive & June side of things. They launched a 6-polish collection with SCL × Target and there was NOT A SINGLE post on their social media before launch letting people know. It was really hard getting ahold of the collection in general.

  2. The launch occured at 2am CST. Yes, you read that right. 2am in the morning. So I literally had to set an alarm to get up at that time.

  3. Even though I went to at 2am to shop the collection, a good dozen items were already sold out. And I'm not talking 2:12am, 2:24am, etc. ON THE DOT 2:00am CST and a dozen things were sold out. How is that even possible?

  4. Two items I ordered they cancelled. They stated it was because the launch was so big.

  5. To comment on #4 a bit more- what did they expect? They are launching a collection with a hugely influential brand in the social media space. Although it was limited edition, the stock of what they had should have been doubled. Not all Target stores were evenly stocked, and some people horded every single item their store sold. Similar to the ridiculous Rae Dunn craze. You know about that, right?!

So, that all being said, it was not a smooth situation. And for such a large corporation I would have assumed they would have been a bit more ready for this.

Now that I am done ranting (insert eye roll here) let's talk a bit more about the good!

The pricing was just right, which is why everyone flocked toward this collaboration. For example, a standard small size pouch from SCL directly is $68.00. A small pouch from the Target launch, which was slighty roomier, was only $15.00. It came in six colors:

  1. Pink (plain).

  2. Orange with "GLAM" patches.

  3. Yellow (plain).

  4. Green with bubble heart texture inside.

  5. Blue (plain).

  6. White with plaid inside and a clear front view (to see the plaid).

Here's a compilation of the six options:

(Above photo compilation created by me with photos courtesy of Stoney Clover Lane × Target Corporations.)

This item (for me personally) was a favorite of the launch because it's an essential. You need it to travel, to store makeup in, to store the unsightly pimple products you own. To store scrunchies, bobby pins, pads, tampons, coins, change, lip glosses and balms... you get the idea. You really can't go wrong with a standard bag like this. The size makes it easy to store, stack, and travel with. Four are customizable, minus the orange and green bags, although honestly if you wanted to you could still add patches to the backs of them as well.

Not to mention, this is probably the most well-known SCL item that people flock to collect. Partly because it's easy to store and easily stackable, but also partly because no other brand has come out with a standard cosmetic bag in 20 colorways.

Easiest to find of the six are the pink, white, and orange bags. The blue is virtually impossible to find, and I ended up hunting it down on Mercari for $45.00, which is $30.00 more than I would have paid from Target but also $23.00 cheaper than SCL directly.

I store them in the beach tote in rainbow order, except for the white, which I use to hold some sheet face masks.

The reason I hunted the blue down was because I did truly want all six, but I also thought the blue was the most stunning in this collab. It's very bright, silky, and beautiful. The closest SCL has to this color is "Sky," which is almost always sold out.

Here's a compilation of the colors they offered in this collab, as seen on

As you can see the four main colorways are pink (Pinky Promise), yellow (Sunshine Smiles), blue (Clear Skies), and purple (Rainbow Dreams). Of course as you saw above there is also green, orange, and white sprinkled in too, but these were the four main colorways. In other words, this was what they were trying to achieve:

(Via Unsplash).

(Via Redbubble).

(Via Vector).

You get the idea. It's a very Spring-y vibe that can also be transitioned into Summer with the small additions of orange and green. The white keeps it from getting too child-like and offers a hit of refresh.

So, yea that's my synopsis on JUST the small pouch, why do I have so many problems lol.

Moving on now...

The second thing I was most excited about were the beach bags. In particular the clear and rainbow ones (top middle and bottom right). They offered five standard beach bags and two terry cloth ones.

(Above photo compilation created by me with photos courtesy of Stoney Clover Lane × Target Corporations.)

(Above photo compilation created by me with photos courtesy of Stoney Clover Lane × Target Corporations.)

I didn't go for either terry cloth bag based on personal preference, but I do know so many people that love the feeling of going to the beach and coming back to a warmed-in-the-sun towel, which is what the texture of this bag is. I am not sure what the inside texture of the bag is, however I would hope that it's a vinyl waterproof to make it more durable.

I chose to leave my beach bags plain and not customize them, but obviously you can do what you want! A quick Google or Pinterest search will give you some cute ideas!

Now, let's bounce back to the pouches. There are also round ones as well, I grabbed 3, which were $10-15 each depending on if they had a plaid background or a patch on it, and around $25 a piece on Mercari.

(Above photo compilation created by me with photos courtesy of Stoney Clover Lane × Target Corporations.)

Remember- you don't have to put a SCL brand patch on a SCL bag. You are allowed to customize whatever you want! There are no rules.

Case in point, I chose to customize my orange bag with an ice cream patch that I think might even be Lisa Frank brand?! I plan on adding some thicker gold glitter around the patch as soon as I get my car back and get to drive around town.

And it still looks equally cute. I might even add some smaller patches around this one along with the gold glitter.

Tip: If you have a non-adhesive patch you want to sew on the plastic, then you can easily start with a small dab of superglue to keep it in place!

I used this gold thread to sew the patch on, but it's really thick so you will want a needle with a larger eye. Unless you're a professional seamstress, you will want to hand-sew them on to make sure they are the most accurate.

On the white plaid small pouch I used the rainbow patch! It's my favorite, I love rainbow anything and everything.

I apologize for the messy background... I am currently laying in bed working on this and it's taking hours, and I'm healing from back surgery! So I'm quite exhausted.


Where were we? Yes, rainbows! This seller on Etsy has a really amazing rainbow patch dupe that I recommend.

Additionally, there are large pouches and small square pouches, flat pouches and travel bag sets.

(Above photo compilation created by me with photos courtesy of Stoney Clover Lane × Target Corporations.)

Above are the small square pouches. The plain purple is hard to find, the blue pineapple and terry cloth heart purple are easy to get ahold of. The other three depend on your Target store and which second-hand site you go to.

(Above photo compilation created by me with photos courtesy of Stoney Clover Lane × Target Corporations.)

These are some of the larger pouches. The two above are flat zipper style, the bottom are more structured cosmetic pouches. The bottom left rainbow is by far the hardest to find.

(Above photo compilation created by me with photos courtesy of Stoney Clover Lane × Target Corporations.)

These are all the large pouches with the soft edges. All are pretty easy to locate secondhand on Mercari or Poshmark.

And.... more...

(Above photo courtesy

(Above photo courtesy

A tie-dye flat pouch that I couldn't fit in the other compilation, and a rainbow purse! The tie-dye flat pouch is easy to find and quite adorable, and goes for about $30 on secondhand sites, whereas the rainbow purse sold out very quickly and is much harder to find.

There's also multiple clear flat travel pouches, a suitcase set, beach towels, a cooler, straws, sunglasses, face masks, beer/can holders, patches, hats, fanny packs, nail polish, face towels, shoes, sweatshirts, pimple patches, bracelet kits, cross stitch, backpacks, and more!

There's not possibly enough room for me to go over all the miniature details of each smaller item so I will show you some image compilations here:

Via this site.

Via Krazy Koupon Lady.


So... it's a lot. But, for the sake of sounding like I'm running low on creative energy to finish the post, I won't quite stop here.

Let's go over a few more of my favorite items!

The scrunchies! There were three packs of scrunchies, with three scrunchies in each pack, making a total of 9 different styles. Each pack was $6 and I bought all three. Here are two of them:

The third I believe has a pretty plaid or gingham one, along with a blue and another pink "twister." They are all comfortable in my hair, and don't tug, pull, or rip out any strands. They can be looped in two circles but have enough stretch to do three.

I also purchased a pair of sunglasses because I lost mine with the rose gold rims (fun fact: I found them three weeks after ordering these ones). They have a pretty blue rim and yellow arms, and they're plastic, which means lightweight comfortability.

Do you like my little photo edit? ;)

They were only $10 so I wasn't expecting high end sunglasses, but they did slide down my nose quite a bit. I will have to add nose grippers on this, which is an additional $5 cost and application I wish I didn't have to deal with, but it's not the end of the world. I moreso love these for the colors! So vibrant.

They had four face masks available at $2 each and they didn't sell out right away. The only one I purchased was the rainbow rejuvenating mask.

(Above photo compilation created by me with photos courtesy of Stoney Clover Lane × Target Corporations.)

After thoroughly washing and toning my face I put the sheet mask on:

I will say this: it was VERY goopy. There was a very thick, clear gel all over the mask, more than I am used to with a sheet mask, so it was definitely an adjustment. Once I had it on my face it was pretty cold, but reduced to a nice chill after about a minute. Yes, it did still feel goopy on my face, but that tends to not really be noticed once you start watching TV, doing the dishes, etc.

At first I wasn't sure if the extra gel on the mask was a good thing (better bang for your buck) or a bad thing (cruddy gel, anyone?). I ended up waiting about 15 minutes, right between the 10-20 minute recommendation and found that it started to bother my upper lip a bit. When I took the mask off, there was still so much of the gel on my face that I had to use a paper towel to blot some away and then gently rub the rest into my skin. I wouldn't say I was that impressed! But, I've had worse!

What do you think? Did you buy anything from this collection? What was your favorite piece?


(This post is not sponsored and contains no affiliate links.)

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