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Stoney Clover Lane: How and Where to Score a Discount!

Updated: May 17, 2022

Hi my discount-loving friends! Today I ask you all the question, who wants to pay full price for anything? Ever?

๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿป Not me!

So this post will be dedicated to how to find my favorite brand of cosmetic bags- Stoney Clover Lane (SCL)- for a better price!

1. Bloomingdale's

Fans of the SCL brand can often find good discounts on the site for a limited selection of product.

For example, this sherpa pouch is $27.00 off the original list price. For those of you that love the cozy trend, or anything sherpa, this large pouch is a staple.

Additionally you can find some more on sale:

2. ShopBop

ShopBop is another wonderful place to find SCL bags at a great price. For example, several of the limited-edition High Tea pouches can be found (at the moment!) for a sweet discount.

Even though these ones might sell out, I recommend checking this website regularly to see what products rotate in and out.

3. Amazon

You would be surprised how many third-party sellers actually list items on Amazon.

For example, this large tie-dye pouch can be purchased on Amazon for $78.

Is that a discount? Well, technically no. BUT! It's free shipping, which the SCL website doesn't normally offer unless you spend over $250. So instead of spending the extra $10-15 on shipping for this pouch, you can save that money! Also, if you are a Prime member it's free 2-Day shipping!

4. Mercari

Similar to Poshmark, you would be surprised who sells SCL items. Sometimes they are lightly used and other times they are no longer sold or even brand new!

For example, this seller listed the High Tea packing cubes (which were no longer available!) for only $105 when they were originally $150, and then lowered the price even more to $94!

Another resale site that sells for similar prices is Poshmark, and eBay occasionally has good stuff too!

5. Nordstrom Rack

Right now as of May 2022 there aren't any SCL products on sale via Nordstrom Rack, however, a little birdie told me that they do have flash sales of limited SCL stock!

If you're a serious collector looking for SCL products, then I recommend regularly checking the Nordstrom Rack site or your local outlet!


(There are no affiliate links and this post is not sponsored).

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