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Stoney Clover Lane Dupes (Part 2! Spring/Summer '22)

Updated: May 17, 2022

(Photo courtesy Stoney Clover Lane with edit made by me).

Ah, here we are again. The dupe sessions! Before reading this post I recommend CTRL and - your webpage to make these beautiful photos easier to see!

1. Lele Sadoughi Collab Tie-Dye Crystal Heart Headband

Y'all know these headbands circulating the internet ever since SCL collaborated with Lele Sadoughi. They are chunky with equally chunky rhinestones sewed in randomly throughout.

While they aren't my specific style, I know a lot of people who love them!

Question is... do you have $205 to spend?

Undoubtedly the most popular one is the tie-dye crystal hearts headband (top) that commands that $205 (!!!) price tag. And although it's beautiful, this small business Etsy seller has you covered for only $25.50, down to the heart-shaped chunky crystals (bottom). It's also a cloth headband with less crystals, which in my opinion is much more comfortable and versatile. Take a look:

And, if $25.50 is still a bit out of your budget, you can always try this $11.99 version from Amazon that features a floral print in "Cherry Pink."

The print isn't the same but the concept is similar! And the addition of pearls in the Amazon pick (bottom) makes it look more high-end and elegant. Like you are going to a tea party!

Hey, does anyone have those anymore? If you do, please invite me!

2. Lele Sadoughi Collab Headbands (various solid colors)

And you thought I was done with those headbands. 😂 You thought wrong!

Lele also came out with a huge color selection of knotted headbands with various embellishments, ranging from white plastic hearts to giant pearls. Just look here:

While it's impossible to dupe every one for you, I tried to dupe several!

Lavender with rainbow crystals and pearls:

SCL version for $205 (top)

Beige with various shaped crystals:

SCL version for $205 (top)

Baby blue with pearls:

SCL version $205 (top)

Yellow with various shaped crystals:

SCL version for $205 (top)

...and there's more. Even typing in a cursory search on Amazon or Etsy will find you so many choices!

3. Nylon Scrunch Handle Bag

Sure, if you have $128 to spare be our guest and grab an SCL scrunch hand bag (left), but for those of you who don't, you can grab one on Amazon for less than $70.

4. Tie Dye Classic Clear Flat Pouch

Pouch rhymes with "ouch" and that's my reaction when I see this beauty listed for $78 (top).

Luckily, this Etsy seller has the same thing for only $24.99 (bottom).

P.S. they have it in navy and pink too!

5. Classic Small Pouch in Lime

While I've been able to dupe the small pouch in blue, purple, and pink, I've been unable to find the notorious lime color until now.

On the SCL website this small pouch goes for $68, but an Etsy seller has the same thing for a mere $10 (bottom).

6. Classic Tote in Bubblegum (customized)

Y'all Walmart recently launched not ONLY an SCL-inspired tote bag in hot pink, but it includes patches AND a pouch that also has patches! All for under $30.

On the other hand you can get the fully customized version directly on Stoney Clover Lane's website for a staggering $263. And... that's not counting the additional price of the customized bubblegum pouch to match! Plus, the letter patches are a third of the size.

7. Classic Duffle Bag in Grape

Because hello the shade "Grape" is one of the most popular at SCL and is always sold out!

Amazon's $19.99 purple duffle is pretty darn close!

I recommend going directly to the Amazon website to view how similar the satin straps are to Stoney Clover.

Not quite similar enough for you? Try the mini version of the SCL original or this slightly more pricey (but still cheaper!) customizeable option from Etsy (below bottom photo).

What other dupes do you want to see?!

Let me know!


(This post is not sponsored and there are no affiliate links. Some photos courtesy Stoney Clover Lane.)

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