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Stoney Clover Lane Dupes! (Part 1- Spring 2022)

Updated: May 17, 2022

Hello hello hello! Yes, you read that right. Part 1 only! Trust me, there are many more dupe posts to come...

(Before reading this post I recommend CTRL and - your webpage to make these beautiful photos easier to see!)

I love you guys so much, I truly do. Engagement on this site has increased a ton and I'm so blessed for that.

So, that brings me to today's post!


Who doesn't love a good dupe? Especially when it's for... *drumroll please*... Stoney Clover Lane!

So without much more delay (y'all already have my super long Stoney Clover Lane × Target collab post, as well as the Olive & June collab too!) I will show you my most favorite copycat products, because I appreciate you! :)

Now, to let you in on my little secrets...

1. Tie-Dye Duffel Bag

A printed Stoney Clover Duffel bag will run you upwards of $200. The one from the collab with Target (bottom) ran only $40, but is no longer available and can only be found for double (or triple!) the price on Mercari or eBay. Luckily, I found this $29.99 dupe on Amazon (top)!

The reviews state that the duffel is very good quality for the price, and you can't deny the striking resemblence.

2. Classic Small Pouch

This guy is my favorite, because HELLO who can't use a dozen small rectangular pouches?

The Stoney Clover Lane × Target version is featured on top, and retailed for $15. On bottom is my favorite dupe for that bag, which is $19.99 on Amazon. Yes, it's $4.99 more, but it's also easily accessible and basically the same thing.

The only difference is the SCL has rolled seems on the edges, but to be honest it's not a huge difference.

Also, it's $45 cheaper than the SCL brand (not Target collab) which has more color options than the Target collab but is still pretty pricey. Often times the purple [Grape] and blue [Cotton Candy] (the most popular colors) are sold out, too.

3. Classic Large Pouch

To accompany our best friend the Small Pouch, we must now dupe the Large Pouch!

This lovely friend of ours is $85 on the SCL website, which eats a good amount out of your wallet (top image). This version on Amazon is $23.99.

On closer inspection, there is essentially no difference between the two bags as far as size and function. Of course with the dupe (bottom) there is no SCL logo, and the shade of purple is slightly cooler, but we don't mind! I especially don't mind saving a whopping $61.

4. Blue Pearl Alphabet Patches

Probably the best patch dupe you will find for the SCL Blue Pearl Patches (right) are these on Etsy (left).

Up close you can obviously tell a few differences... but do you care? I don't! In fact, I prefer this $9.50/patch version from Etsy more than I do the $22/patch look from SCL. It has less pearls (so less crowding) and the puffier chenille gives it a beautifully delicate look.

Also... let's calculate that.

If I got a customized bag from Stoney Clover Lane with their patches:

$68.00 pouch + $22.00 (5) patches + $15 personalization fee = $198.00

If I sew the patches on my own bag (see the small pouch dupe above!) and use Etsy patches:

$19.99 pouch + $9.50 (5) patches = $67.49


Now tell me, which would you choose?

5. Classic Clear Flat Pouch

So this one has (admittedly) always puzzled me because it looks like an amplified ZipLock gallon bag (bottom).

I probably shouldn't have said that?

Oh well!

Anyway if you are into the look of the SCL glorified ZipLock bag then look no further! This seller on Etsy sells the same exact thing for $20 (top), whereas the SCL version is, drumroll please...

$78!!! WHY???

I have no further comment on this one...

6. Stoney Clover Lane × Disney Red Mickey Mouse Pouches

Ok this one was a tough one, but I knew I had to find something to mimic the feel of the gorgeous SCL × Disney pouch (bottom) so I went hunting.

Now, a few things to note:

A) This obviously isn't an exact dupe.

B) I was moreso looking for the VIBE of the SCL × Disney launch.

C) This collab would be incredibly difficult to dupe directly because the fabric print is exclusive to this specific collection.

So, with that being said, let's enjoy some awful photoshop skills of mine while I try to explain myself.

Here's my thought process: for the Mickey Mouse selection available, such as the Classic Mini Pouch (bottom) there is a beautifully vibrant red with white heart polka-dots. So, when I saw the cosmetic bag above for only $12.99 on Amazon that's the size of the SCL Classic Large Pouch (see #3) it had me thinking... what if a Minnie or Mickey patch was added, similar to the ones SCL makes?

Like this:

The one on the left is $28 by SCL (also I am pretty sure the level of perfection was photoshopped lol). The one on the right is $9.50 by my favorite Etsy seller. You get the idea. It's the same thing!

So while this one may not be a perfect dupe, I think the idea is very close! And it gives the pouch more meaning knowing that you designed it!

There are also some other similar concepts as well:

-Top left small sandwich-size pouches, about $12.95 for two on Amazon. Similar busy Minni/Mickey mouse patterns in red and white.

-Top right 9" × 6" flat polka- dot pouch. $12 on Etsy. Similar color and polka- dot design.

-Bottom left is original SCL version.

-Bottom right small flat coin/card pouch. $7.50 on Etsy. Similar pattern and red color.

7. Stoney Clover Lane × Disney Cinderella Print

Similar concept to #6 above, this is not a perfect match by any means. And of course while we would all love to have a closet full of SCL × Disney purses, pouches, and more, the price makes it impossible except for maybe billionaire professional shopper Kim Kardashian. So sometimes we need to take a look at the (sometimes better!) alternatives.

For example, this one here:

It's clear the SCL product is on the bottom, however for a minute you could almost do a double take while glancing at the one on top. The overall pale daylight blue is shared between both products, as well as Cinderella herself and some smaller background images. The concept is the same, even if the design isn't.

8. Classic Mini Pouch

This pouch is a great option for when you need a little something to keep in your purse to hold essentials or unsightly things. YogoRun (top) offers essentially the same pouch as SCL, but for only $14.99 instead of the demanding $58 price tag SCL has. The only limitation? Not many colorways available.

(Sidenote: the two colors are actually identical. For some reason the SCL photo kept darkening when I was screenshotting it, so I had to so some editing to brighten it up. It makes the two look less similar, but that's not the case!)

9. Rainbow Gingham Pearl Patches

From the same wonderful small business that brought us Dupe #4 comes the Rainbow Gingham version of the pearl patch!

How pretty is that?!

The SCL version is on the left, featuring slightly more bronze sequins bordering a pearled gingham letter in beautiful pastels. Each patch retails for about $22 on the SCL website however they are completely sold out and apparently no longer available.

On the right we have a slightly more gold version that is only $9.50 a patch on Etsy.

10. Puffy Iridescent Letter Patches

For our final dupe (for now!) we have the lovely iridescent letter patches that remind me of fairy wings! They shimmer ever so slightly and shift color in different lighting!

SCL sells them for $14 a pop on their website, but this wonderful Etsy seller lists them at less than half the price at $4.99 a patch. How could you go wrong with that!

What dupes would you like to see next? Let me know!


(This post is not sponsored and contains no affiliate links. All photos of Stoney Clover Lane products are courtesy Stoney Clover Lane. All other photos not owned by me are linked with their respective references.)

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