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Orly x Lisa Frank Collection & Swatches!

(Images courtesy

(Pssst! Before reading this post, I recommend minimizing your browser size to see these beautiful images more clearly!)

I know, I know.

I'm very late to the party!

In fact, I am pretty sure this limited-edition collaboration released back in August of 2021.

So like... almost a year ago?! Wowza. Yea, I am VERY late to the party, lol. That's not embarassing at all...

This collection was a hit. It was a major collaboration that SHOOK the nail polish world. Lisa Frank?! Yes, please!

Not only is Lisa Frank known as the queen of cheetah print, but she's also known as the queen of color, the woman who pushes the limits of what society has deemed "acceptable" print.

She is a huge inspiration to Americans in particular, with everything from our Crocs to our makeup to our appearal being graced by her design aesthetic. So, it only made sense for one of America's top brands of nail polish to release a collaboration with her as well.

So, let's get to the nitty and gritty with my notes lol:

  • This collab was not eligible for discounts. So that means that no matter what sale was running, you had to pay full price.

  • One shade, "Sky's the Limit," sold out first, and is not being restocked. At the time I'm writing this, you can still buy the other five creme shades.

  • Piggy backing off the above, the Markie Trio, which was named after the Lisa Frank unicorn and featured the green, blue, and purple creme shades, is also no longer available because the blue is sold out.

  • There are two toppers, "Hits the Spot," and "Star Glaze." While the former has a good amount of sequin shapes and is very impactful on the nail, the later just reminds me of "Prisma Gloss Silver" but more expensive. It's nice if you are a nail photographer taking macro shots, but otherwise it's probably not your jam.

  • The collection also includes nail wraps!

Let's take a look at the cremes!

The first is "Purrty in Pink," and honestly, I think this was my favorite! It's just a true summer-y pink. It's not entirely unique, but I'm not really expecting it to be. I would describe this as a crelly (not quite opaque but not a sheer jelly), and it's good in three regular coats. Be careful on drying time.

The second, an orange called "Easy Tiger" has my favorite name. It's a nice, lighter orange. Not too dark. I would describe this as a crelly, and it's good in three regular coats. Be careful on drying time.

The yellow, named "Sundae Sunshine" was the worst in formula, and I feel very bad saying that! I just feel the formula could have been a LOT better. Even after four regular coats, this still was not opaque. Definitely not worth $12.50, in my opinion.

These three also come in a trio at a slightly lower price for $31.99 for all three, and it's called the "Dancing Dolphins Trio."

The other two shades are "In Your Zorbit" and "Make a Splash." Both are better in quality, in my opinion, than the above trio.

"In Your Zorbit" is a beautiful not-quite-neon green.

"Make a Splash" is a grape jelly shade. Both of these are good in three thin coats.

So, that's it for the cremes! What do you think?

Now, the toppers!

It's no surprise that my favorite (as mentioned in my notes above!) is "Hits the Spot." It's not just my favorite of the two toppers, it's also my favorite of the whole collection. Just look at this gorgeous macro shot I grabbed!

I've personally never seen a topper quite like this. What's also nice is that I didn't have to sponge this on- three regular coats gave me even coverage of splenty of sprinkle!

"Star Glaze" is very similar to several other scattered holographic toppers that are available online. I'm not going to link them here, because a quick Google search will yield plenty of results. This one is pretty, and it's especially nice if you work in an environment where you are only allowed to wear nude or clear nail polish. For me personally, I didn't get as much as I would have wanted, but it's not an awful product.

Here's Star Glaze over another Orly blue I own:

And, lastly! We have the nail wraps. I don't wear nail wraps as often as I used to, so I actually still have not tried these "Hunter" ones out. That, and because this is technically a collector's item, I am scared to touch it and use it up! But, I will say this:

  • The packaging is phenomenal, out of all the nail wrap brands I've tried, this has the best packaging. There was no bending, breaking, etc. while it shipped. It also features Lisa Frank's awesome cheetah print.

  • It includes 20 nail wraps, so this is only going to last one manicure and then the rest would be discarded.

  • No LED/UV light is required.

  • I have only heard good things about this product from the people who have posted it online!

Here is a photo from the Orly website on what four wraps were available. From left to right, we have the Forrest, Zoomer & Zorbit, Markie, and Hunter styles:

And that's a wrap! (Pun totally intended).

Did you pick up anything from this collection?


(This post is not sponsored and contains no affiliate links.)

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