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Orly Valentine's 2022 Trio and Swatches!

Updated: May 17, 2022


Is it ever too late for Valentine's Day? In my opinion, no! It's never, ever too late. I wish my local Walgreens stocked those giant gummy hearts year round. I would totally vote for that. I always drink a big cup of vanilla tea while munching on those, to make me feel better about the fact that I am basically just eating solidified corn syrup.


The Orly Valentine's trio this year was a pass for me... at first!

But, of course, you know me! I kept going back to that darn page and then caved! And let me tell you, I don't regret it one bit.

My favorite of the collection is "Sweetheart." It's a gorgeous cherry jelly polish that glides on my nails like butter. Well, not butter but you get the idea!

Next is this super pretty and light shimmer named "XOXO." I couldn't quite figure out if it was holographic or not by looking at the bottle, but then once I got it in the sunlight I couldn't stop looking! It does have some holographic shimmers in it, but not so much that it's obnoxious.

Lastly, we have a fun topper! I do wish this had more sequins in it, because it required three thin coats for me to get enough hearts on my nails. Otherwise, this shade, "Crush" is a fun addition to my collection!

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