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Orly Summer 2022 Pop! Collection & Swatches

(Above collage created by me using an image courtesy Orly.)

Hello! So, I realized today that I completely forgot to post this collection even though it's been swatched for two weeks now. Oops!

This is Orly's Summer 2022 Pop! Collection. The theme (from what I gather) is kind of based on a pool party with pop art vibes. You'll see what I mean!

Ok, let's dive in!

We'll start with the first one I swatched, kind of in reverse-rainbow order.

"Rinse & Repeat" is a gorgeous vibrant blue creme. It was opaque in two coats.

Orly usually does their blues right. One of my all-time favorite shades is Skinny Dip, following by Glass Half Full.

The next shade is a neutral purple named "Crash the Party."

This purple didn't stain my nails! Which was really nice, considering most purples do. Y'all know I am super weird about determining if a color is warm or cool toned. I just love analyzing shades and figuring that out! At first I thought this was 100% warm toned, but then I compared it between two other Orly purples and this falls in between. I would imagine this shade looking amazing on very deep skin or a dark olive complexion.

It's fully opaque in two coats.

Next is a beautiful pink shimmer named "Don't Pop My Balloon," that looks beautiful in three thin coats.

At first I was pretty underwhelmed by this shade, because I thought it was too similar to "She's A Wildflower," but it's actually not. Whereas the shade from the Orly Breathable line has a strong blue flip to it (we love a blue flip...) this shade is entirely calm with just a subtle shimmer.

Next is my FAVORITE in this collection! There's just something about coral-red-pink colors that make my heart flutter. Similar to Lights Lacquer's "Toot Sweets," this shade has this beautiful color to it that reminds me of a cherry starburst, or a fruit punch lollipop. It's just beyond beautiful, and I am going to wear this year-round, no matter the occasion!

It's named "Connect the Dots," and I really like that name! It's quite adorable.

The yellow in the collection is- shocker!- opaque in two coats. It's named "Claim to Fame," and honestly I can count on one hand the number of yellow polishes I know of that are opaque in only two coats.

I'm not sure what it is about yellow pigment, but it sucks lol! This one is a staple neatural yellow, and I will keep using it in nail art!

And last but not least we have a beautifully delicate champagne shimmer, "Just An Illusion."

This one is best in direct sunlight. It's not meant to be an opaque polish, moreso a topper or a sheer coat. However I like to test a polish's limits to see how opaque I can get it, and this one looks beautiful in four thin coats.

Because it's a fine glitter, it dries super fast between coats!

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