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Orly Impressions Spring 2022 Collection and Swatches!

Updated: May 17, 2022

(Above photo courtesy of Orly).

Before reading this post I recommend CTRL and - your webpage to make these beautiful photos easier to see!

Ok... I know. This is super behind! But I promise, it was worth the wait.

The Orly Impressions Spring 2022 collection is probably the absolute best collection they have ever come out with. Sometimes I see their collections and go, "eh, okay," and then other times, like now, I gasp. A literal gasp, I promise you.

I'll start off with this so it's really clear- all six of these polishes have an excellent formula, they go on smoothly in two coats with no bubbles, they dry quick, and they look incredibly flattering on all skin tones and shades. What's so unique about this particular collection is that they aren't your typical pastels, which we see every brand come out with in Spring. To be honest, I'm tired of pastels- I need something different.

Come to save the day is Orly, who so gallantly introduced a new concept. Dirty pastels. That's right... grungy, dark pastels, like the kind Monet used. Fun fact: Monet was unknowingly the founder of Impressionist art!

You know the drill- we are going in rainbow order. :)

First is the pink-nude we all need- "Parcs & Parasols." This isn't fully pink, but it isn't peach. It's also not a nude. Instead, it's a pink peach nude... brown? A pink-peach-nude-brown. There we go...

Next is the "orange" in the group, which actually isn't orange at all but instead takes the place of where a typical pastel orange would go. Instead, it's a very, very light pink with a hint of warmth. When I say "light pink" I don't mean it's the color of some fluffy marshmallow. I mean it's very non-intrusive, easy to apply, and gives this aura of barely being there. It's called "Danse With Me," which is a reference to Henry Matisse's painting, "The Dance," or more popularly referred to as "The Danse."

Third is the orange/yellow that would typically be in the second or third place in a rainbow collection lineup. What I also love about this collection is that Orly challenged the typical understanding of what a "rainbow" is. Instead of the standard seven-color red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple look, we get an impressionist look, where there are no bounds for the concept of color and it can be mashed together however we want. Similar to the paintings of le Jardin's de Claude Monet à Giverny.

Anyway, this one is a nice refreshing citrus shade that I will definitely wear again.

Fourth is a beautiful, true garden green, "Artist's Garden." There's not too much to say about this one because it's beautiful speaks for itself.


"Bleu Iris." Oh, wow. How do I describe "Bleu Iris?" I don't know how! I've posted this shade twice on my Instagram feed, and combined there are over 3,000 likes for it. It's absolutely beautiful, and I don't think Orly will ever come out with another blue as good as this one. It's not cold, it's not warm, and it's not too bright or too dull. I might just email their team to see what Pantone number this is so I can paint my future house with it...

Annndd last but not least is this beauty, "Provence at Dusk." My second favorite of the collection, and y'all already know I love blue and purple nail polishes. This is a GENIUS shade to round out the rainbow of dusky shades we see here. It's, in my opinion, the "brightest" of the six, if you can even call this shade bright. It's a nice uplifting purple that reminds me of a sunset, rounding out the other five daytime colors.

What do you think of this collection?


(This post is not sponsored and contains no affiliate links).

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