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Olive & June Summer 2022 Camp Collection & Swatches

(Above images courtesy Olive & June).

STOP! 😂 Before reading this post, make sure to CTRL and - your browser so that you can better see the full beauty of the images below. ♡

Hello hello friends! I hope you are doing quite well. This week I recieved the beautiful new Camp Collection from Olive & June and I could NOT be more excited! Huge thank you to Hannah and Reema for sending this beautiful box on over.

So, as you guessed, the theme for this collection was a camping trip! There are seven shades- six cremes and one topper. I've noticed that Olive & June is pretty consistent in doing six shades for Spring and Fall, seven shades for Summer, and nine for Winter! I like the variation in amount of polishes available but also like that they are consistent with those numbers so we know what to expect!

Last year's collection was so incredibly beautiful and is truly a staple in my routine, so I was more than excited to see what would happen with this one!

I like the idea of camping being a theme, because we haven't seen this with another brand before, even though it seems like an obvious thing to think of when you think of Summer! S'mores, campfires, and mosquitoes definitely come to mind!

Ok, now the collection. There is a pink, red, orange, two greens, blue, and multicolor topper.

The pink is named "Pen Pal." It went on for me in three thin coats, which is what Olive & June usually recommends. It's always best to do three thin vs. two thick coats, and you've probably already ready about this in my million other nail swatch posts.

This color is very pretty and is very different from their typical rose-pink shades. It has a hint of coral in it, which in my opinion makes it very Summer appropriate! The only downside was that the brush on this one was a bit wonky, but all of the other six brushes were ok!

This delicate shade is also limited edition.

Next is the GLORIOUS "Field Day."

I mean.... yes!

If you haven't already read my post on Orly's Summer 2022 Pop! collection go do that, because there is a similar shade there that I absolotely adore. I don't know what it is about coral reds but I could literally own 100 shades of this and be a happy lady.

Also, this went on in TWO coats! Two beautifully opaque coats. And because of the brush being in perfect conditon and nice and rounded I didn't have to use a clean up brush with this mani. Score! AND like the two shades it's sandwiched between, this polish is limited edition so now I will have to go pick up several more bottles!

Next is our orange, "Counselor in Training." This one is also limited-edition, and regardless of your thoughts on LE polishes, I still recommend grabbing this one because it's a nice, light shade.

It kind of reminds me of a creamsicle! Man, I wish I had one of those right now...

"Green Canteen" totally reminds me of those classic canteens that my mom would pack soup in when I was in grade school. They even had a strap to carry it around your neck!

This shade is absolutely beautiful. It reminds me of an evergreen tree in the sunlight because it has this beautiful blue to it.

Next is an unexpeced mint shade, named "Sleeping Bag."

Has anyone actually ever seen a mint-colored sleeping bag? If so, let me know! I was curious why Sarah Gibson chose that name for this color, but honestly who cares once you try this cool-toned pastel mint on!

Despite common opinion, pastels are very IN for summer, and I personally prefer them over neons any day!

I could even rock a pastel red or orange in the Fall.

This one is best in three thin coats.

Few blues in the Olive & June catalogue could rival this beauty. It's incredibly glossy in two coats. I almost- ALMOST- went without a top coat for this one! It's that shiny on it's own.

I gasp when the sun hits this shade:

Also, it's named "Blue Canoe." How cute is that?!

And last but especially not least, we have Olive & June's first true topper, and my favorite name in the collection.

"Sprinkle Cookie" looks like a scrumptious vanilla sugar cookie covered in nonpareils. Delicious. I could crunch and much on these types of cookies all day and feel no regret. Why? Because I snack on them with a steaming cup of green tea, and my logic is that they cancel each other out in calories. Don't question me.

Just trust me. Go to your local bakery and buy yourself a dozen sprinkle cookies, and then come home and eat all twelve of them while hapily putting this polish on your fingers.

I recommend three coats of this topper, fully dried, and then followed by a thick coat of glossy top coat. I didn't want the sprinkle design on my bare nails, so I actually but down two layers of a milky Olive & June shade first. The effect is perfect and just what I wanted! Although I wish there were more "sprinkles" in the clear base, I find that doing the three thin coats also works just fine.

What are your thoughts? Will you be purchasing this polish collection? Remember, if you use code OJKAITLYND20, you can purchase your own mani, pedi, or press-on kit for a whopping 20% off!


(This post is not sponsored and contains no affiliate links. I was gifted these polishes.)

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