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Olive & June × Stoney Clover Lane × Target Collection and Swatches!

(Above image compilation created by me courtesy photos from Target Corp. and Stoney Clover Lane).

Who ever thought the day would come when we could all afford Stoney Clover Lane products?

Well, that day did come.

Or, should I say those minutes came.

Because the Target x Stoney Clover Lane collaboration SOLD OUT IN MINUTES and basically NO ONE was able to get them, lol. I did wake up early to be able to purchase some items, but a few things that I really wanted I had to source and bargain for on sites like Mercari and eBay, which was a bummer.

Now, my rant is over. I'm done complaining, I promise.

Jk only a little, I'm still pissed.

So, this collection was a cute staple collection. It was only available online at Target and in stores, and was not available through the Olive & June site. In fact, Olive & June really didn't promote this collection ahead of time, which I found confusing because... it's an Olive & June collection.

Anyway, there are six shades in total with fun Summer names, and all are on the pastel-leaning side but not full pastels. I call these "soft colors."

And, yes, stay tuned because I WILL do a full review of the actual line itself that includes the bags, pouches, and scrunchies. It will just take me a bit!

Ok, now, the colors!

The first one, in rainbow order, is "Rosie Flamingo." I won't bother attaching links to these ones because they are completely sold out at this point.

This shade is particularly beautiful, and appears to almost meld into my particular skin tone when photographed.

The next shade is a muted orange, named "Citrus Squeeze."

My favorite name in the collection is the yellow, "Pineapple Slushie." That sounds appetizing to me! So refreshing.

"Lawn Games" is a beautiful muted teal. Probably in my top two favorites.

And then we have "Dolphin Blue." This shade really does deserve to be in the collection, but I will say it's not a unique shade to Olive & June.

And last but not least is "Lilac Flutterby." Now, this color is NOT lilac, it's actually a cool-toned lavender, and definitely one that Olive & June needs to add to their permanent collection!

All shades went on in three thin coats, and dried quickly. The Olive & June Glossy Top Coat works perfectly with these. At $8.50 a piece I think they were worth it, but not $120 for a full set like you will now see on eBay.

What do you think?!


(This post is not sponsored.)

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