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Olive and June Spring 2022 High Tea Collection and Swatches!

Updated: May 17, 2022

(Above images courtesy of Olive & June).

Hello and good afternoon! How are you doing? I hope well!

Today we are focusing on something lovely... a refreshing cuppa tea. 🫖

Olive and June released their Spring 2022 Collection, called High Tea. It includes 6 new shades of color nail polish, as well as a makeup bag, glossy top coat, nail polish remover pot, clean up brush, nail clipper, nail buffer, nail file, aaaaand the poppy! This season's poppy is in mint.

First, we have "Golden Afternoon." This collection had two limited edition shades, and this is one of them. It's a nice creamy gold that goes on in two smooth coats.

"Strawberry Scone" is also quite beautiful. It's a sheer pink that reminds me of icing on a... strawberry scone! Goes on in two thin, smooth coats.

The next one has quite a long name... "The Queen Takes Her Tea With Milk." Do you take your tea with milk? I like mine plain!

This one required three coats for me. Very beautiful but it was slightly patchy. I do love the idea of a sheer mauve, however. Once those three coats are on, it's gorgeous.

"Cucumber Sandwich" is a nice calm green. I'm not the biggest fan of greens so I wish I had more to say here but I don't! It goes on opaque and beautifully in two thin coats.

My favorite one is "Jam, Please." It goes on beautifully in two thin coats, just like "Cucumber Sandwich." It's so pretty! It's a more uncommon nail polish color, and it would look absolutely beautiful on deeper skin tones.

Aaaaaand last but not least, we have "You're Invited." This is the second limited edition shade in this collection, and it's a slightly warmer-toned lilac. Highly recommend you grab 2-3 bottles of this one!

They also have press-on nails available this Spring too!

Make sure to use my code "OJKAITLYND20" for 20% off your Olive & June system! This includes the Mani kit, Pedi kit, Press-On kit, and more! Links above may be affiliate links. Remember to check my more recent posts for an updated discount code if the above no longer works. :)


(This post is not sponsored and there are no affiliate links.)

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