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Mooncat Kaleidoscope Haze Collection Review & Swatches!

(Photo courtesy Mooncat).

Hello, friends!

Today we are taking a look at the Mooncat Kaleidoscope Haze collection, a beautiful set of 8 jelly-based lacquers containing iridescent flakies inside!

All eight of these shades look good in three thin coats.

Note: It's important with jelly polishes, which are more thick than standard cremes or sheers, to do thin coats, otherwise they will have a hard time drying!

My favorite shade is "Strangeberry!" I love the name, becuse this is a beautiful berry shade. It's described as a hot pink jelly lacquer filled with green and pink iridescent flakies.

In my opinion, this one is actually the most beautiful of the collection, because the flakes are much more pronounced than they are with the other shades.

In rainbow order, our next shade is "Magic Mushroom," which is described as an orange jelly lacquer filled with peach and yellow iridescent flakies.

Because peach and yellow are so similar to orange, this is a more subtle flake effect. If you don't want something more bold like "Strangeberry," then I would recommend this one for you!

Same goes for "Flying Submarine," which is described as a lemon yellow jelly lacquer filled with pink and orange iridescent flakies.

The pink is a beautiful lilac-y pastel, but the orange is definitely subtle.

There are two greens in the collection, a brighter lime called "Best Bud" with turquoise and chartreuse iridescent flakies, and then a deeper green called "Lava Lamp" with teal, blue, and yellow iridescent flakies.

"Lava Lamp" is actually my second favorite right behind "Strangeberry," because I have never before seen a brand come out with a deep green flake before, and it's very unique!

Same with the greens, there are also two blues in the collection.

"Acidwashed" is an aqua jelly lacquer filled with green and pink iridescent flakies.

This one is my third favorite because I love aqua nail polishes! It's actually my favorite shade of nail polish.

The other blue, again similar to the greens, is deeper. It's called "Cosmic Cowboy" and is a bright cobalt jelly lacquer filled with peach and magenta iridescent flakies.

Again, I haven't seen a cobalt blue jelly from any other nail polish brand before, and I quite love how much the peach and magenta flakies pop agaisnt the deep blue. Although very saturated, it doesn't drown out the flake effect.

And last we have a shade that isn't entirely unique but is still incredibly gorgeous, "Mood Ring."

"Mood Ring" is described as a purple jelly lacquer filled with turquoise and pink iridescent flakies.

The turquoise pops with this one!

I almost with they had done a ten piece collection and included a red, and a more cool-toned purple. But... we will see! Looks like they are already releasing more flakies, with "Cyclone" coming out this past week.

What are your thoughts? Did you purchase this collection?

Also... if you want to know what nails I am wearing in this post, they are these tips from Kiss!


(This post contains no affiliate links and is not sponsored).

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