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Mooncat Heavy Is The Crown Collection & Swatches!

Updated: May 17, 2022

(Above photo courtesy Mooncat.)

Hello hello! Welcome to my page here, where today we will be looking at beautiful holographic nail polishes. Before reading this post I recommend CTRL and - your webpage to make these beautiful photos easier to see!

I will say that before I start there are a couple of doozies with this particular launch, so let me just get those out of the way first!

First bummer I discovered is that the shade "Boa Constrictor" was not full in the bottle:

It appeared that about 1/4 of the bottle was either not filled, already used, or somehow spilled, but not by me. Because I would like to assume that Mooncat would not send me an already used bottle, I assume that they didn't fill it all the way. Unfortunately, this isn't the first time I've had issues with Mooncat quality. I've gotten crusty bottles and sheer polish before as well.

Second, I discovered shortly after ordering this launch that Mooncat discontinued the referral program. All of my followers could no longer get $5 off their $40 purchase. There was no announcement, no email, no notification. So, unfortunately, I had a good ten messages after this launch asking me for the referral link and I had to reply with awkward apologies.

While both of these were bummers, a minor quality issue and failed communication aren't the end of the world. I think Michelle (the owner) is still working on establishing Mooncat after rebranding late last year.

So... this collection! It's called Heavy is the Crown, and it can be purchased as a set or individually. I personally recommend buying the sets when you can, because you get a slight discount.

We'll start with "Boa Constrictor" because I've already mentioned this one. The actual color itself is gorgeous, and while brands like Holo Taco have come out with chocolate brown glitter holographic polishes, I've never seen a linear holographic polish in chocolate brown.

I would definitely say this one is unique and quite beautiful, and I'm really not a fan of brown!

I would say that all linear holographic polishes from Mooncat are best in three thin coats. I personally don't mind doing three thin coats because they dry quick. I've tried doing two standard coats, however I've found that it takes longer to dry and the holographic effect isn't as sharp and strong.

Next is my favorite, the lavender named "Shattered Glass."

Lavender is my favorite color, and I always prefer pastels over neons, primary, or other colors, so I am definitely biased on this one! But, I also think that pastel linear neons show off the holographic shine more than darker colors.

The other purple in the collection is a very deep, cool- toned shade named "Antifragile."

It's nice to see a more cool-toned purple because they aren't easy to come by! I could especially image this being beautiful on deep skin tones.

Next are two pinks, a cool-toned baby pink named "Not Today Satan," which is so adorable! I also have not seen a true baby pink linear holographic before.

And lastly we have a classic hot pink shade, named "Venus Flytrap."

What are your thoughts?! Despite a couple of hiccups, I highly recommend this collection. It's high quality, incredibly beautiful, and the bottles look beautiful on a shelf.


(This post is not sponsored and contains no affiliate links.)

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