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Mooncat Expedition: Atlantis Collection & Swatches!

Updated: May 17, 2022

(Above photo courtesy Mooncat.)

Hi everyone! I hope you are well today.

We are going to take a look at the newest Mooncat Collection- Expedition Atlantis.

Let's get right into it!

The first shade we have is "Sunken Splendor."

This one is incredibly beautiful! It's the lightest shade in the group and that's probably why I prefer this type of magnetic shade over others. Lighter shades (in my opinion) allow the magnetic effect to really shine.

This was opaque in two standard coats, but you can also do three thin ones, too!

Next is the other teal in the collection, named "Poseidon's Prize."

While the first teal is a bit more green and magnetizes to gold, this one has slightly more blue in it and magnetizes to turquoise.

The darkest shade is named "Kelp Kingdom," it's the second one I swatched and the reason why is because I tend to swatch first what I think will be my least favorite shade of the bundle. Murky greens tend to be my least favorite nail polish, and ironically Mooncat has a lot of those!

I think the owner, Michelle, has promoted "emo" vibes before because she is very much into dark, specialty polishes and the idea of "unknown darkness." I personally am the pastel queen lol, so the only reason why I really gravitate toward these darker ones is because they are magnetic, and y'all know I love magnetics.

With this shade, I recommend three thin coats. Two coats just didn't get me to the level of opaqueness that I wanted.

The next shade is the velvet-y purple, "Beware, the Kraken."

This one is so unique! When magnetized, a beautiful peach strip appears that also shifts to olive green.

And lastly, we have the most neutral of the bunch for our nude-mani lovers.

"Treasure Trove" is a gorgeous sandy beige that literally looks like sand when you magnetize it. And it's opaque in only two coats!

It's a gorgeous monochrome effect in a way, and it's beautiful!

What do you think about this collection? Do you think each polish is worth $16? It's definitely steep!


(This post is not sponsored and there are no affiliate links.)

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