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Lights Lacquer YNBB Vol. II

(Photo courtesy Kathleen Lights).

Hello! I hope you are all well.

Recently, Lights Lacquer released their YNBB (Your Nails But Better) Volume II, and I could not be more... underwhelmed lol.

But! It has nothing to do with the collection itself, which contains 6 absolutely beautiful shades in warm tones for any time of day and year.

As you know, I prefer rainbow everything, color every day. I would choose neon yellow over a nude in a heartbeat, so that's why I wasn't really jumping for joy when this was released.

That being said, the collection is still beautiful! Every shade goes on in two normal coats, dries quick, and still has that standard Lights Lacquer quality.

Here are some swatches below!







What do you think? Did you pick up this collection? Do you prefer nudes or color?


(This post is not sponsored and contained no affiliate links.)

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