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Lights Lacquer x Care Bears Collection Review & Swatches!

(Photo via

(Pssst... I recommend minimizing the size of your browser page before reading this article- you will be able to see it so much better!)

Hello friends! How are you today? I think this is my favorite collection that Lights Lacquer has done so far. It's full of pastel nostalgia and I can't imagine a more perfect situation. ;)

So, let's get right into it!

The collection features eight shades, all named after individual Care Bears. From what I saw online, there are now 39 Care Bears, but obviously they can't release a 39-piece collection! But I do hope a follow-up of this comes soon. These are some of the most common bears, I believe mostly the originals!

The packaging is also A+++ it's incredibly adorable. It features the new rectangular bottle with the soft-touch cream cap, but also has the Care Bear theme stars on them!

The first bear lacquer is Birthday Bear. It's a golden pink, a little bit of an opal-esque shade. It's sheer, quick-drying, and good (for me personally) in three thin coats, but you can also do two. You can use it as a topper or as a sheer wash of shimmer.

(Photo via Care Bears Wiki.)

(Photo via

I do think they missed out on this one, in my opinion. I feel like they had the option to do a little bit of a "funfetti" situation here. If they kept this formula but added some rainbow "sprinkles" it would have been more birthday-esque. Unless I told you, you probably would not have guessed this was designed after Birthday Bear.

Imagine if they added micro rainbow glitters, just a few, to look like nonpariels?

But, regardless, this is still a beautiful shade and I don't not love it!

Next we have Cheer Bear!

(Photo via Care Bears Wiki.)

Again, I was kind of confused by this shade. Not only was the formula unimpressive (it's a creme and required three coats), but Cheer Bear is a hot pink and this is a pastel coral almost. Is it beautiful? Absolutely! I just would not have guessed this was inspired by Cheer Bear.

The third pink in the collection is one of my favorites, it's Love-a-Lot Bear. It's a great formula, dries quick, and is opaque in two standard coats. It's a warmer pink, bit light enough so that if you have very pale, or very deep blue-toned skin you can still wear this and look amazing.

(Photo via Care Bears Wiki.)

I took my Care Bears quiz online, and I am a mix of Love-a-Lot Bear and Friend Bear, so these two shades speak to me!

Friend Bear is a perfect creamsicle orange. It's opaque in three thin coats and is slighty more of a sheer formula, but I wouldn't say it's a bad formula.

(Photo via Care Bears Wiki.)

I really like this orange because it's a perfect neutral tone, and a cooler-toned blue-veined person like me can wear it and it actually looks really good! In fact, this is my favorite orange Lights Lacquer has come out with. It's so refreshing! I hope they come out with a permanent shade like this soon.

Funshine Bear is yellow! What other color could Funshine Bear possibly be?!?!

(Photo via Care Bears Wiki).

This shade is also nice in that it's very soft but still bright enough that it doesn't look like some yellows do- stained nails! Nope. We don't want that! This shade is how I feel about Friend Bear. It's very refreshing and a good yellow. This one is opaque in three thin coats.

Our "green" of the collection is a minty shade named after Wish Bear. This is a nice staple polish, everyone should own a mint green because it's versatile throughout all seasons. I like that it leans more aqua and less true green, as true green doesn't tend to look good on people who get very pink/red hands.

(Photo via Care Bears Wiki.)

This one is opaque in three thin coats, and I will definitely be wearing this one into the Winter season as well!

If Love-a-Lot Bear is my top color, then Bedtime Bear is #3, and Grumpy Bear is #2.

Bedtime Bear is a gorgeous, very saturated sky blue that's perfectly opaque in two coats. It can be worn year-round, and again similar to Wish Bear, it's a staple in a nail collection.

(Photo via Care Bears Wiki.)

And, last but not least we have my sweet friend Grumpy Bear.

(Photo via Care Bears Wiki.)

Grumpy Bear is the bear that's in all of us, and I love him so, so much. On days where I'm not very much Love-a-Lot or Friend bear, I am 100% Grumpy Bear.

This is my #2 shade in the collection. It's the most pretty periwinkle-violet I have ever seen. I have yet to find a shade quite like this on the market, and I so hope they never, ever discontinue this! It's opaque in two standard coats.

Can we start a petition to make the Lights Lacquers x Care Bears Collection permanenet? Yes? Ok! :)

Also- don't forget to pick up the nail stickers too! How cute are these?!

I've already used a few, and can say that on fully dry nails they stick very well. I personally like adding a matte top coat after a glossy one so you can see the stickers better:

This was also the first time Lights Lacquer released press-on nails, but I'm not a huge user of press-on nails so I will just insert a photo of them from the LL website so you can see what they look like, because they are still cute:

What are your thoughts? Have you purchased the collection yet?


(This post is not sponsored and contains no affiliate links).

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