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Lights Lacquer Winter Break Trio and Swatches!

Updated: May 17, 2022

(Above image courtesy @lightslacquer on Instagram.)

Hello all! I hope you are well. :)

Today I am sharing with you a small lil trio from Lights Lacquer that was released this past December 2022. Even though it was limited edition and is no longer in stock, I hope this post can provide inspiration for you and, if you own this trio, encourage you to use it!

My favorite and actually one of the most-liked images on my page, "Brr-Berry" is a beautiful muted purple. I have three bottles of this now, because I don't want to ever run out!

"As If!" is a name taken from the movie Clueless. Do y'all remember that one?! Total classic.

It's a true red, sliiiightly deeper than Ace, which has just made a return!

And lastly, "Varsity Jacket." Very beautiful warm-toned purple holo!

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