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Lights Lacquer Spring 2022 Honeydew You Love Me? Collection and Swatches

Updated: May 17, 2022

How pretty is that packaging!

(Before reading this post I recommend CTRL and - your webpage to make these beautiful photos easier to see!)

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful week. If not, I hope that something wonderful comes along this week to make you feel better. :)

Today I am showing you the Lights Lacquer "Honeydew You Love Me" Spring 2022 Collection. Since launching this, Lights Lacquer has rebranded to completely different bottles, however this set is still available in the new bottles!

This was a very fun launch but not 100% my favorite, so far, I think Kathleen, the owner of Lights Lacquer, has the vibe down for the Winter collections best. While I adore the colors in this collection a couple of them definitely read more Summer than Spring, however nowadays I hardly know what day it is anymore so... let's take a look at the swatches!

The first polish I'll go over is "Here Comes the Sun." This shade is a yellow shimmer and is not intended to be opaque. It's my least favorite in the collection, which I feel bad about, but yellow doesn't look good on my personal skin tone, and for a topper I found it underwhelming. For someone with medium-light warm-toned skin, this would look amazing as a quick mani before heading out on errands or to work. The warm tone just makes it... not for me.

But! I won't get rid of it because part of me still adores the shimmer.

The green in this collection, "Meloncholy," is probably a favorite jelly of mine! It goes on in three thin coats like it's actually some type of honeydew jelly.

Although honeydew jelly would probably taste gross, no?

But this polish isn't gross!

The third polish is a beautiful bright blue that can also be worn into summer, called "Forget Me Nots." This is named after the flower, which is similarly a beautiful bright blue.

The formula in this polish is amazing and is opaque in one coat (but goes on in two for evenness). I highly recommend wearing two layers of your base coat with this one, because it will stain your nail beds.

Next, my FAVORITE of the collection, is "Lavender Rain." Now, some of you may remember in the KL Polish days a shade called "Charmed," which was ICONIC. It was the first time the industry really saw anything with blue pearl pigment in it. It was also the first time the industry saw something that resembled a pastel multi-chrome. Even Sally Hansen tried to recreate it! However, their version, although still beautiful and an affordable price, falls a bit short.

Kathleen has released other purple-blue polishes over the years, including "Nebula," however Charmed was just so unique and a huge favorite in the nail polish world.

Lavender Rain, for me personally, actually beats out Charmed. Shocker! But, as pretty as charmed is, it was definitely a three-coater being so sheer, and Lavender Rain just has this thick, beautiful shimmer about it that makes the formula slightly more ideal.

My second favorite in the collection is "Delilah," which is the jelly pink we all needed. For me it went on beautifully smooth, similar to "Cherry Jelly" and "Gingerbread." Because it's a jelly, two coats are fine, but if you want it to be opaquer you can do three thin coats.

Aaaand lastly we have our friend "Mamey." Super pretty, soft orange with a jelly texture but creme finish. Very unique formula and quite beautiful.

What do you think of this collection?

Be sure to follow me @blumoonlacuqer on Instagram to see more swatches of Lights Lacquer.


(This post is not sponsored and contains no affiliate links.)

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