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Lights Lacquer Rebrand, Nailing Nostalgia Palette, New Releases

Updated: May 17, 2022

(Above photo courtesy Lights Lacquer).

Hello! So, wowza, that's a title! But trust me, this post is full of goodies.

One of my favorite nail polish brands, Lights Lacquer, recently rebranded. At first, I think the general reaction was hesitation. After all, Kathleen successfully launched Lights Lacquer after KL Polish closed, and she's garnered more than 259,000 Instagram followers and also built an entire team for the new brand. So why the rebrand? I think only Kathleen and her tight-knit team know the down-to-earth reasons as to why they rebranded, but in my opinion it ended up being a good thing!

So, let's talk positives and negatives.


-Bottles now include 13mL (.43 fl oz) of product vs. 12mL (.4 fl oz) before

-Bundles are only $58.00, which is only $2.00 more than the $56.00 bundles from before the price increase (see more on that below)

-Bottles still include a soft touch cap but now have the logo embossed on top

-Bottle shape not only allows more product fill but it also is easier to store

-There is now a signature brand color


-Price per bottle has increased from $9 to $11

-A lot of polishes were discontinued with the rebrand

-For collectors, all of your previous LL bottles will be different from the current ones


At first a lot of people stated that they thought the bottles looked like something you would find in an H&M, Hollister, or Anthropologie-type of store, some feedback was that it was "cheap-looking." However, I will say that when I got these in the mail I was very impressed. They look absolutely beautiful, feel nice and heavy in quality. The cap is beautiful and will be very pretty displayed on a mirrored tray or on a rack in my white and grey beauty room.

New Releases:

Now, Part II, lol! Along with the rebrand, they released three new products. A cuticle oil, a matte top coat, and a nail polish remover.

Let's start with the cuticle oil, because that's my favorite! It's made with almond and jojoba oils, it has no scent, and it's incredibly silky and moisturizing. I have so many cuticle oils, but some feel like they just sit on the surface of my skin, whereas this one melds into it.

Not only that, but it also includes a dropper if you prefer to do a drop or two on each nail. I have decided to keep using the brush, because I like the wide brush and how it evenly coats the whole surface area of both the nail, cuticle, proximal fold, and surrounding skin.

The She's All Matte top coat is really beautiful, but to be honest I have so many top coats I wasn't eyes wide open for this one. Unlike a cuticle oil, where it can be packaged differently, smell different, and have noticeably different ingredients, a matte top coat is just.. a top coat!

But, I will say that this one has the nicest brush out of all the others I've tried, and it also gives the look a beautiful satin finish. It still has the slightest bit of sheen so it doesn't look like your nails are dried out. Nothing is worse than the crustiness of a matte top coat that clings to every imperfection. You know what I mean!

The third release (besides the nail polish set- which I will talk about below!) is the Polish Potion. Surprisingly, we DO need more nail polish removers out there. I will do a post about the best and worst nail polish removers soon! But for now, just know that this is a good one!

(This photo courtesy Lights Lacquer).

It's purple and has a light lavender scent. It's refreshing but not fake or overpowering. The purple doesn't stain my nails or any surface that I am working on. It also does not include acetone, which if used frequently can completely dry out nails and make them brittle. Sometimes, non-acetone polishes can be difficult to work with and not actually remove the polish. But this one I can easily remove the polish, and also use it to clean up around my cuticles. It doesn't leave me needing to oil afterwards.

Ok, now, Part III!

The actual six polish Nailing Nostalgia collection. This collection includes five shades previously released by KL Polish, and one new signature shade.

The one thing I will say about it is that the bright primary red, "Ace?" Seems a little out a place. We have these beautiful neautral earthy shades and then ace is like... BAM. ***RED***

I know Kathleen will be bringing back more KL Polish shades, but I put together a compilation below of what the collection would have looked like if she included a blue-grey, which I feel is missing.

The blue shade below is from KL Polish, named "Cozy in there?"

I feel like the earthy blue fits better, but having a classic red in my collection is also a need. :)

Also... Kathleen needs to bring back "Cozy in there?" ...right?!?!

Speaking of "Ace," here it is, in all it's beautiful apple red glory.

In some sort of a "rainbow" order, the next shade was in the top five best sellers at KL Polish. "Caramello" is a burnt caramel shade that looks GORGEOUS on deep Latino/a skin. It looks amazing on me but imagine caramello with caramel-toned skin! Ugh, my heart has collapsed.

For some reason I feel this shade looks so beautiful with pale pink.

Next we have a mossy green, "Chloe." This shade isn't an easy one to find in most nail polish lines. It's a bit more yellow-toned than neutral, so I recommend it for warm-toned people who have yellow undertones.

Next we have Zoey, a beautiful deep mauve. Not much to say here, other than amazing crème formula!

Fifth is "Pinky." I did NOT expect them to bring "Pinky" back so soon! With "Marie" and "Adaline" I figured they would hold off until maybe next year to bring back another pink sheer but nonetheless this is a gorgeous, classic shade.

Below is Marie, Adaline, and Pinky in order, and then a swatch of Pinky.

(Photo collage created by me with photos courtesy Lights Lacquer).

And lastly we have a dreamy, creamy shade that is now the signature color of the Lights Lacquer brand- "Dream St."

What do you think of the rebrand? What KL Polish shades do you want Kathleen to bring back?


(This post is not sponsored.)

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