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Lights Lacquer Funhouse Collection and Lights Label Merge

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Before you read consider making the size of your browser smaller! This allows for you to see these beautiful images a little better. :)

Ok, wowza. I know, it's been a hot minute here. Truthfully, I have had quite the adjustment going on with being back at work since my medical leave, so my blog posts haven't been consistent. But, trust me, I have so much coming for you!

So, were to start!

Lights Lacquer recently launched their Funhouse Collection, featuring the absolute cutest collector's box with six new shades, nail stickers, new phone cases, and two t-shirts! They also announced that they will be officially closing the Lights Label Instagram page down and instead merging the two websites. You no longer have to pay shipping twice. What's even more amazing is that while not directly advertised on the site, some of the XIO by Ylette pieces are also available. For example, their rings.

The confusing thing about the XIO by Ylette pieces, though, is that they look like the $2 rings offered from Shein. And I know Shein definitely didn't copy them, because Shein has been selling their budget rings for years. You can also find dupes on Amazon.

For example, this $48 Maia Ring from XIO by Ylette looks exactly like this $7 ring on Amazon and also this other $13 pair of very similar earrings. They also sell these $12 each Imagination Rings, totaling $60 if you want all five. But Shein has been offering this style for a couple of years now, at $3 for the gold version and even less expensive for other similar versions.

I could go on and on about the comparisons, but you get the idea. I just don't think they are unique jewelry pieces, but then again it's up to you to decide what you feel is worth spending your money on and what isn't.

The phone cases were cute, I personally have never been much into phone cases, as I prefer quality over quantity. So, I won't really spend time here.

Now, the t-shirts! Kind of pricey but totally worth it. Two were launched, the Sweet Tooth Tee for $40, and the Oversized Perfect Combo Tee for $38. Both are thick, high quality and feature full-length graphics using a really sturdy material for the print itself. I was a little bummed that the Sweet Tooth Tee in a size large still fit me a bit snuggly, and I am normally a size Small-Medium in most clothing, so the large should have been more oversized. I will say though, the fabric is great, and even though I accidentally got smashed strawberry on it after two hours of strawberry picking in the 95 degree sunlight, it washed out two days later with my usual detergent, which never happens! The Oversized Perfect Combo Tee is more true to size I would say, and a large gave me the perfect slouch I was looking for.

I've provided photos below from the Lights Lacquer website. The Sweet Tooth Tee features a small design on the front and the main design on the back, while the Oversized Perfect Combo Tee just has a large-scale design on the front.

Part of me wants them to come out with a whole casa de la risa collection with more t-shirts, and some hoodies and shorts. Imagine a pair of their super comfortable cotton shorts in a big-top print like this:

Colorful stripes are always a win!

Ok, now the polishes! This is the first time Lights Lacquer has released linear holographic nail polishes, and I must say, I am impressed. The formula was very manageable and opaque, dried quick and was done in two easy coats. I didn't really need to use a clean up brush either.

Here's "Big Fish" (my favorite name!) a beautiful blue and "We Go Together," a classic mid-tone pink.

You can also buy these two in a bundle for a $3 off discount. It's called the "Cotton Candy" bundle, how fitting!

(Photo via

My favorite shade in the collection is "Tightrope." It's beyond gorgeous, I can't even believe how beautiful it looks in the sunlight.

At first I was worried that this one was going to be a jelly shade, I have too many jelly pinks and purples! But this ended up being a "crelly"- a cream texture with a slight luminescence to it. It's my favorite, like I will probably mention ten more times on this blog! To me, it's a perfect mix between "My Jam" and "Skip It," which are also favorites. It's opaque in two coats.

"That's the Ticket" is a true big-top red. Red with the slightest hit of orange. It's a creme opaque in two coats.

Lights Lacquer has not done a single red that I haven't been impressed with, I will say that!

On the other hand, I really loved the beautiful tones of "Coney Island," however the formula was pretty thin compared to other creme formulas Lights Lacquer has. It took me almost four coats to get these opaque, which is a bummer!

Then again, I'm not surprised because their first yellow creme, "Slice of Life" is sheer even after four coats.

The last shade is a super bright but saturated green, named "Lettie." I was also slighty disappointed with he formula, but three thin coats dried really fast with this shade and it was worth it!

And that's a wrap! What are your thoughts?


(This post is not sponsored and there are no affiliate links).

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