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ILNP Cloud Nine Spring 2022 Collection & Swatches!

Updated: May 19, 2022

Hi, friends! How are you today? Are you ready to dive in and take a look at this ethereal collection of shimmery goodness called Cloud Nine?

Yes? Ok! Let's do it.

But- wait. I want to address something first! This rebrand though! The new bottle design is so funky and fresh, I love it compared to the previous version.

Here's the old bottle on the left and the new one on the right:

Additionally, they have sold over 70 of their polishes on a discount to clean house. While the bottle itself and the brush is the same, the new logo is quite nice, and I wonder if clearing out a lot of their stock means that new formulas are coming soon...

I guess we will see! Now, back to the polish. I recommend three thin coats for all six shades. The important word there is thin, because ILNP (I Love Nail Polish) tends to have a thicker formula and doing a standard coat multiple times will never dry and end up smudging. Smudges are the worst!

We'll start with a pink swatch because hello, who doesn't love pink nail polish?

"Open Skies," reminds me of the pink that slashes itself across a blue sunset. I took this photo a couple of years ago:

And here is the soft, shimmery polish!

This pink is warm-toned and leaning peach, and has a subtle teal shimmer shift. You know I love a good teal/blue shift!

Next is "Dreamscape," a true lilac with a pink to orange shifting shimmer. In this collection there are two "repeats." So, two pinks and two purples. This is the warmer purple.

The cooler-toned purple is "Harper," which has a green-gold tone in the shimmer shift.

It's interesting because normally combining warm and cool tones clashes. For example, see this graphic of the combinations:

However, mixing the cool-toned lavender with warm-toned gold ended up looking beautiful in this polish. I'm not sure many brands have gotten away with that before and actually made it look good! Props to you, ILNP.

The other pink in the collection is my personal favorite of the six, mostly because the shimmer is strongest in this one.

It's called "Fairy Floss," and not only is the name perfect but the level of gold shift is, too!

Ugh, look at that!

The last two are the unique ones of the bundle, a beautiful cool blue and a baby peach!

The cool blue is "Rainshower." I had first tried this one in a standard indoor environment with an open window providing natural light.

However, I felt it looked quite dull here. It wasn't really pulling the shimmer out like the others, so I tried it again in the sun.

I will say, this shade looks amazing and much better in direct sunlight! I personally prefer cool-toned nail polish, but then can look grey-ish in dull lighting, and not the good kind of glossy grey.

Lastly, we have the baby peach with magenta shimmer, "First Light."

I won't lie, initially I put this polish on and was very much underwhelmed, and felt so bad because someone needs to do baby peach right! But in the sunlight? Unmatched.

What are your thoughts? Did you pick up this collection? If you did, which one is your favorite?!


(This post is not sponsored and contains no affiliate links.)

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