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Holo Taco Cristmas Winter 2021 Collection and Swatches!

Updated: May 17, 2022

Hello! How are you today? I hope well!

This is definitely overdue, but unfortunately I wasn't able to get my website up and running until today, but I hope this post can either A) be an inspiration to invest in some holographic glitters or B) be an encouragement to wear these shades if you already own them!

That being said, here is the loooong overdue swatches of Holo Taco's 2021 Cristmas Collection.


CRISTmas, for Cristine. :)

First, my favorite, is "Plumb Luck." Unfortunately at this point this shade is sold out for the season, however it is NOT limited edition, and Christine will likely bring it back seasonally in November of each year, pending the popularity of each shade in this collection. So, instead of attaching a purchase link I've had to include the YouTube video featuring this shade.

Second, almost a tie for my favorite, is a very unique and super sparkly "Choco-Holo." I have never seen a chunky holographic chocolate-y glitter before. It's my favorite with Plumb Luck!

Chocolate covered plum, anyone? Is that a thing?

P.S.- apparently it is!

"Everything is Pine" is a beautiful holographic pine green glitter. It reminds me of a sparkly Christmas tree!

"Gold Play Button" is GORGEOUS but definitely not unique to only Holo Taco. A gold holographic glitter is relatively common, however Cristine really does this one right, making it seem more unique to me.

"Black Holo Wish" is everyone's black nail polish dream. It's truly gorgeous. What more could you want of a nail polish from Cristine? Black pigment? Holo? Glittery? Sparkly?


Lastly, but CERTAINLY not least, is this beyond gorgeous red, called "Naughty List." Why go for classic creamy red nail polish when you can go for SPARKLY and HOLO red nail polish?!?!

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