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Holo Taco Anniversary Trio

If anyone knows me well, they know I love nail polish.

"Love," is a very strong word, so perhaps I shall say I "very much like" nail polish.

Something about painting a smooth nail with a new color each day excites me. It relieves anxiety and stress, and the end result is satisfying, fun, and if you choose it to be- beautiful.

This particular set is by Holo Taco, a brand run by Cristine (very important to note there is no "h" here ;). The original box was limited edition and ran for roughly $38.

It was worth every penny.

I don't buy bulk nail polish of this quality, because it's expensive, but also because I don't need it. This was limited edition and also in three very birthday-esque colors, so yes, therefore I did needed these.

My favorite of the bunch is most definitely "Blue Flakie Holo Taco," pictured here on top of Essie's "I'm Addicted." My absolute favorite Essie shade and the perfect teal- unfortunately it's unavailable everywhere and I'm desperately trying to find a dupe...

The pool blue shade underneath the holographic blue flakies is stunning and very summer-y.

Gold Flakie and Purple Flakie tie for second place for me. Both are equally beautiful and stunning.

Gold Flakie is the quintessential shade, the twin to the original Flakie Holo Taco, which is silver. It looks beautiful atop a yellow (pictured here is a polish no longer available, KL Polish 'Tropicana,' however Lights Lacquer 'Slice of Life' is nearly the same.) I also highly recommend the gold over black or a vibrant navy blue, such as Holo Taco's 'Royal-Tea Blue' or 'One Coat Black.'

Purple Flakie is fun and very pretty, and I found that it looks best a top dark purple or black. Something about this particular flakie over bright or light colors looks a bit harsh, and the actual flakes are darker than the blue and yellow ones. Here it is atop KL Polish "Mozart."

All in all, it's a great collection. Each bottle has a soft touch cap that can be easily gripped, as well as a sophisticated bottle and holographic logo. The actual polish is thick and applies nicely, and packs a good amount of holo flakies in each swipe.

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