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Cirque Colors Spring 2022 Glazed Collection Review & Swatches!

Updated: May 17, 2022

(Photo above courtesy Cirque Colors with edits made by me.)

(Before reading this post I recommend CTRL and - your webpage to make these beautiful photos easier to see!)

Hello helllooooo! How are you today?

Today we are going to take a look at the most recent Cirque Colors Glazed Collection! This was released in March 2022, however it's a set that can be worn year-round, so that's why it's never too late to review/swatch it!

Normally I go in rainbow order, but that would be a weird rainbow for this collection, so we are going to start with my favorites and then go random from there!

So, first is "XOXO Jelly," which is a truly gorgeous bright pink jelly.

It's the smoothest formula in the collection, similar to Lights Lacquer's "Cherry Jelly."

As a foremention, all eight shades in this collection are good in three coats. But thin coats, don't get worried by sheerness and then glop it on. It won't dry then, and smudged polish is the worst!

Next is my second favorite, "Morningtide." Now, this shade is technically not part of the March 2022 launch, but actually came out in February 2022 as a part of a cloud-themed collection. However it's a jelly, so I include it in this launch review.

As you can tell here, the middle finger has three (instead of two) coats, and it looks better than the rest. Case in point, always do three with a jelly.

It's incredibly hard to find a blue jelly, especially this shade, so this is a WIN for me!

Since this shade is not a part of the official launch, I'll show you the second one that was released in February, but that I am also including in this post.

"Lavender Sky" is another favorite. Very beautiful sheer lavender jelly.

I like that this one has a pinkish tint to it!

Next, in random order, is "Citron Jelly."

This one reminds me of lemon curd lol! I quite like the idea of an intentional yellow jelly. Most yellows I own are too sheer and are labeled as crémes, but when a yellow is specifically labeled as a jelly it makes my expectations set on it actually being sheer.

This is a nice option when you don't want a bright neon yellow but instead something toned-down and playful.

And then the fifth one is "Kelly Jelly." What a fun name!

Unfortunately I only did two coats here, clearly three would have looked better! Either way, you can see the nice Kelly Green color come through.

"Peach Jelly" is the most neautral of the bunch and probably would look good on anyone of any skin tone. I think it's a staple shade that can never be missing from a nail polish stash. :)

Seventh we have "Berry Jelly." This looks exactly how it sounds. A juicy berry, the color of blackberry juice that oozes out of a crumble dessert!

A very, very beautiful one, it actually is at the top of my list!

Second before last is "Haze Jelly." This one is very toned down, a kind of lavender rainy-cloud situation. Kind of like a toned-down mix of Morningtide and Lavender Sky.

And finally, we have the jelly topper we all NEED!

"Spotted" is a fun jelly-texture polish that is meant to go on top of a solid créme. It includes irregular black speckles that mimic the look of an egg, and they very nicely lay flat on the nail so there is no weird bumps or sharp pokes.

When I say mimicking the look of an egg, in the above photo, I used Zoya's "Lillian" to create a true Robin's Egg look, then decided later to throw on a matte top coat and trace the edges in gold (below).

But truly, you can go with any type of color under your speckle, like in these examples:

I'm imagining it looking particularly beautiful in a matte finish over creamy white or lavender.

Overall, this was a fun, playful, low-stress collection. Like I said, make sure to do three thin coats for even coverage and enough pigment.

I will say that the brush Cirque has makes it slightly difficult to not run this texture polish into my cuticles, however if you have a clean up brush as the ready you should be good to go. Just make sure not to overly saturate your brush in polish before application.

What do you think of the collection? Do you like jelly nail polishes?


(This post is not sponsored).

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