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Cirque Colors Cosmic Discotheque Collection & Swatches (Plus new Au Revoir + Clean Sweep!)

Updated: May 17, 2022

(Above image compilation created by me with images courtesy Cirque Colors and artists on Unsplash).

Helllooooo! I hope you are all doing well today. This post is a fabulous one full of glittery goodness so buckle up and come along!

Before reading this post I recommend CTRL and - your webpage to make these beautiful photos easier to see!

Cirque Colors recently launched their Cosmic Discotheque collection (anyone else just want to pronounce that "cosmic disco-tec-th"?) and the minute I saw this nail art on Instagram I was in awe. Unfortunately I can't find the photo anymore, but if I do find it I will put it below! 👇🏻

So, of course I picked this one up. However, I also noticed that they recently came out with two other products- the Au Revoir + Clean Sweep set, and also "Cannabliss," their limited edition 4/20 shade.* While I don't personally celebrate 4/20, I thought this was a beautiful magnetic polish, and in my opinion Cirque Colors has the best magnetic polishes in the game!

"Cannabliss" is incredibly gorgeous, and I highly recommend grabbing it if you can! In my opinion, Cirque Colors has the best magnetic polish formula.

I'll go in random order of the rest of the polish, and then talk about the polish remover and felt squares!

There are two indigo polishes in this collection, the first one being "Heart of Glass."

This one is very beautiful, and has a purple to indigo to blue shift. Not extremely unique from some other polishes on the market but quite pretty nonetheless!

None of the polishes in Cosmic Discotheque collection are fully opaque. Expect for one shade (I will get to that later!) they all have even coverage on two coats.

Next is "Groove Thing," which I would argue isn't my favorite because green nail polish doesn't look particularly good on me, but I think the flip of some golden orange is unique and makes this a more fun shade.

I wish I could get a better photo of this one! I don't do it enough justice.

Then we have "C'est Chic," which is the sheerest of the collection that needs three thin coats for even coverage, but it's also so pretty!

Look at that!

A beautiful warm-toned peony pink shifts to cool-toned bubblegum in a mesmerizing glow! It's my second favorite! Only because...

My favorite shade in this set and another fabulous shifty shade is the second indigo one, named "Night Fever."

Gorgeous deep purple shifts to bright teal!

I would absolutely love to see Cirque Colors do a pastel version of this!

Lastly we have "Velvet Rope."

Obviously I have a crack in my middle finger that is healing, so please ignore that!

I think this one is the perfect one to round out the collection. We have pink, green, indigo, and purple. So orange was the perfect choice!

And goodness! I almost forgot to include the topper, named "Disco Ball."

This one is NOT to be ignored, so please forgive me Disco Ball! Look closely at that reflect.

I enhanced the contrast on this one so you can see the reflect a bit better but it's obvs not the best quality photo. 😂

Ok, and lastly we have the Au Revoir + Clean Sweep duo. They are sold separately however one isn't really helpful without the other.

I didn't take any photos of my own because there isn't too much to photograph, but I will insert photos of the product from the Cirque website here:

Essentially the two products are A) an acetone-based nail polish remover, and B) small rectangular anti-lint cloths.

In all honesty, I wouldn't say that the nail polish remover is anything special. It's not scented nicely and is acetone-based, so it gets the job done quickly but isn't especially unique. It's $12.50 for 8 fl oz, and I personally feel that you can find a better remover at Sally Beauty for more product and less than half the price.

The lint-free squares to prep your nails are definitely a unique product that I haven't seen a nail brand come out with, and are nice because they don't leave strings that get stuck in your nail polish! At $8 a box, I think they're worth grabbing.

Will you be picking anything up from this launch?


(This post is not sponsored and there are no affiliate links. Some photos courtesy Cirque Colors.)

*Please note: I do not condone or encourage smoking any substance. Please consult with your physician for any questions you may have about Marijuana. Thank you.

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