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China Glaze Spring 2022 Mystic Bloom Collection and Swatches!

Updated: May 17, 2022

(Above image courtesy of China Glaze.)

Hi, friends! How are you today?

We are going to take a look through the new China Glaze Spring 2022 Mystic Bloom Collection! This stunning 8-piece collection is inspired by magical flowers or an ethereal garden.

First... my favorite! "Bloomphoria." This is a STUNNING purple-teal shift. I'm a sucker for any type of blue or teal shift pigment, and this is no exception.

My second favorite, "Pretty As A Petal" is a very unique finish. It's a cross between a frost and a matte. The finish makes this otherwise ordinary shade really pop!

Next is "Mystic Dawn." Again, really beautiful sheer shimmery nude with a blue flip- those blue flips!- but I wish I could have photographed it better. I tried to capture the blue shift, but I ended up with really red hands, lol!

"Bloominescense" is a shimmery matte purple. I personally prefer sheer and pastel shades so this wasn't high on my favorites list, but I can imagine this looking particularly beautiful on medium skin tones.

"Fairytale Bliss" is a pretty standard coral shimmer. Beautiful but not entirely unique. It does complete the collection perfectly, however, because it lends that slight hit of orange.

Tell me you love teal without telling me you love teal.

I mean really.


How is this shade so beautiful?!

"Secret Rendez-blue," you have my heart.

And last but CERTAINLY not least, "Planted & Enchanted" is a beautiful green that really grounds the collection. If the all above are colors of mystical flowers, then this is the color of the enchated grass it grows out of!

This collection can be purchased on the China Glaze website, as well as in many beauty supply stores and on beauty supply websites.

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