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Apple & Raspberry Picking, Oct. 2020

Updated: May 17, 2022

Hi, everyone. I've been away for a bit. Today, we went on a wonderful adventure apple and raspberry picking. We went to Stade's farm in McHenry, Illinois, which also had some great cake- like donuts. Below I've added photos of our adventure!

Raspberries, apples, and pumpkins! They also had peppers, tomatoes, and zinnias.

Raspberry picking! It's a lot more difficult than it looks. They're actually low on the ground, and the best ones are hidden in the bushes or lower on the floor. When it's cold outside, the prickles on the plant are definitely more noticeable. BUT, the actual time it takes to pick the raspberries is a lot of fun. Apple picking is fun as well, but raspberries take longer and are a bit more entertaining.

And that's all for today! What fruits or veggies did you pick this season?


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