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Sunday Thoughts 105

Good morning friends! How are you on this beautiful Sunday morning? I wish I could say I was doing well, but unfortunately I...

Book Club: April 2022

Pondering the other day, I realized that this post might be useless for some of you, but then maybe not? Here's the thing: I wouldn't...

Sunday Thoughts 104

Do Sunday Thoughts still count as Sunday Thoughts if they are not posted... on a Sunday? Well, this is my safe corner if the internet so...

Sunday Thoughts 103

Happy happy Sunday to you all! It is my sincere wish that you all have an awesome rest of your day, and then week! This Sunday I am very...

Joyful April Finds

Ahhh Spring! It's officially been Spring for less than a month but I feel like so much has been labeled "Spring" since February. Can't we...

A Sunset A Day 04.09.22

Oh, how long it's been since we shared a sunset together. Sitting under the sleepy sun, chewing our double bubble gum. Happy as little...

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