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Sunday Thoughts 106

As I sit here typing I am reminded of the solitude of rain. I am also reminded of the great impatience that comes with heavy clouds,...

Sunday Thoughts 105

Good morning friends! How are you on this beautiful Sunday morning? I wish I could say I was doing well, but unfortunately I...

Sunday Thoughts 104

Do Sunday Thoughts still count as Sunday Thoughts if they are not posted... on a Sunday? Well, this is my safe corner if the internet so...

Sunday Thoughts 103

Happy happy Sunday to you all! It is my sincere wish that you all have an awesome rest of your day, and then week! This Sunday I am very...

Sunday Thoughts 102

Who hasn't be to church in awhile? *me* But that's ok. Right now, it's actually not safe to go to church, unfortunately. And some of you...

Sunday Thoughts 101

I thought about calling these posts "Thoughts on a Sunday," which I think is cuter, but also a bit long... Anyway, welcome to my Sunday...

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